Top 5 Ways to Take a Better Selfie

In this week’s podcast, the girls address a growing trend in young tech-savvy couples – sexting. In response to the discussions in the show about sending a decent photo of yourself, Kristy Arnett outlines her detailed guide to taking better “selfies”.

Duck lips are sooooo last year, honey.

The Selfie – a picture of ones self, taken by ones self.


Whether you’re a fashion blogger, a fitness/yoga expert, a celebrity with fans, a complete narcissist, or you want to take a sexy picture to text/email a certain someone, you could probably benefit from a course in the art of selfies.

Luckily for you, I’ve made an outline for Selfies 101:

#1 – Lighting

Lighting is one of the most influential aspects in any picture. In fact, it’s been reported that Mariah Carey, the diva of all divas, will not consent to being filmed or photographed unless she approves of the lighting.

If you’re taking a picture of your face, try facing an open window (obviously this only works during the day) to capture the magic of natural light. The light flowing through the window should dispel most shadows, creating soft facial features. You can get creative by playing with the angle of the light as well just by turning your body.


Facing the window head on (app used to crop and filter: Camera+ )


Turned slightly away from the window to create soft shadows. (App used to crop, pull focus and blur background: Instagram)


For a sexy silhouette, use back lighting. This means that the strongest source of light is coming from behind you. Windows are great for this as well. Instead of the camera being between you and the light, you are between the light and camera.


App used to create laters – Blender. App used to filter, creating a highlight around the silhouette – Camera+ (Effects-Special-HDR)

#2 – Taking the picture

Now, you might be asking yourself, “Wait a sec, how is that last picture a selfie if you aren’t holding the camera?”

The secret is to use a self timer app OR just hit the record button! That way, you can pose a number of different ways and upon review, pause on the exact-perfect-fleeting moment where held your yoga pose or had your ass “just so” (sexting pic) and then take a screen shot! GENIUS, RIGHT?

Of course there is the standard in-front-of-the-mirror-in-the-bathroom strategy too, but at some point, you’re going to get sick of your toilet always being in the background, amiright?

#3 – Posing

So you’ve set up the lighting and camera, but now what do you do when the pressure is on? The easy answer is, whatever the fug you want, but here are a few tips:

1) Don’t take pictures of your body head on. Try angling your body to the side, prop that arm up onto a hip (SKINNY ARM), rock your weight onto one foot, jut your hip out, arch your back, tilt your head, try it all!

2) Be confident! Ain’t nobody looking at you but you right now, so pretend you’re a fucking super model and that photographer just screamed, “Give me tiger! Raaaawwwwrrr!” Your confidence will come through in the picture.

3) Use the mirror – The easiest way to see how your body looks is to watch it!


#4 – Editing

Crop, FILTER FILTER FILTER, vignette, and scene.

If you have a smart phone or a computer, you can use easy-to-use technology to make your selfies look pretty sweet. I have an iPhone and use a multitude of apps to give my pictures an extra boost.

Camera+ – I use this to crop pictures and add a vignette.

Diptic – This is what I use to make collages.

Blender – This is an app that blends images together.

Instagram – The best filter for amazing looking skin is Rise


Instagram filter: Rise

#5 – Sexts

During Pretty Broad Podcast #3, the girls and I discussed a few specific rules on sexting. Aunty Chardonnay even wrote an article summing up her top sexting tips. My personal rule is not to send off a picture into the world that I wouldn’t be able to live down. If my phone was stolen, email hacked, or misclick sent the picture to the wrong person, I wouldn’t DIE from embarrassment. That means hiding nipples, vag, and butt (well, mostly I mean the brown-eyed monster).

If you do want to get a little more risky, make sure any identifying characteristics (tattoos, birthmarks etc) are cut out of the picture so you can DENY DENY DENY!


See, I bet you guys thought that was me. Maybe it is, maybe not. It’s not. Definitely not me guys. Seriously.

Extra Credit  

These days, anyone can take a great selfie, but the truth is, well, this:




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    OMG I cracked up so hard cause of the last 2 pictures. You are hilarious! And its true lol…even the toilet is in the picture

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